Smart TV can do these

- 2021-09-09-

As the overlord of entertainment in the living room, the status of TV in recent years can be said to be precarious. Watching live broadcasts, playing games, and watching news, we spend a lot of time on the small screen of our mobile phone. During the Spring Festival, besides sitting in front of the TV watching the show, do you want to experience something new with your newly bought large-screen TV?
Let’s first teach you the most basic operations. Multi-screen interaction has basically become a necessary function of smart TVs. By downloading mobile APP or WeChat, you can connect your mobile to the TV, and you can directly control the TV through your mobile phone, thus getting rid of some infrared remote control. Difficulties in the operation of the device. In addition, some TV products can also search for movies and query the weather through mobile phones, and push videos and photos from mobile phones directly to large-screen TVs.
The method is very simple. Generally, we can search for "Mobile Screen Projection" or "WeChat Internet" from the TV application market, download the relevant software and scan the QR code to realize the interconnection between the mobile phone and the TV. The only thing to note is that we need to put the TV and the mobile phone under the same WIFI.
K song doesn’t need a microphone, and the phone can act as it!
TV karaoke is not new, but not everyone has a microphone in their homes. This makes these K song applications a decoration. As TVs become more intelligent and their core configurations are getting higher and higher, many black technology functions have emerged, for example, mobile phones can act as microphones to sing songs.
Eating chicken, the glory of the king, TV is omnipotent
The effect of playing games on the mobile phone screen is indeed not ideal. Watching a mobile phone for a while and watching TV for a while will greatly increase the chance of false touches, and the experience will be greatly reduced. At this time, we might as well buy some equipment to make the game experience more enjoyable.
VR, AR, these black technology TVs can also do it
The combination of VR and TV can be said to be a new trend. The principle of VR TV is actually very simple. Connect the mobile phone to the TV through a local area network. After the connection, the viewing angle of the TV will follow the rotation of the mobile phone and change, and the mobile phone will be displayed on the TV screen. The displayed content, after the mobile phone is put into the VR head-mounted display and worn, the TV screen will display the content that people see in VR to achieve a 720° panoramic view experience.
The fun of VR TV is that when you put on a VR headset and immerse yourself in the game, friends next to you can watch the game synchronously on the TV. Everyone doesn't care how sharp your operation is, just to see how you look when you are frightened and fall.
AR (Augmented Reality), this technology combines the virtual world with the real world and generates interaction.
The AR game experience requires a professional camera, which can be powered by connecting the TV via USB, plug and play, and does not need to install any drivers. During the experience, the camera is used to capture the image of the experiencer, adding a virtual picture to the real scene, and you can get a sensory experience that is difficult to touch in daily life.

The above functions are quite practical, although some applications are not perfect, but the novel experience can indeed bring more fun, hurry up and try it.