How to install the bathroom TV?

- 2021-09-28-

In modern home life, some families have the conditions and like to take a bath for leisure, and will install a bathroom TV in the bathroom of their home.
TVs are also called waterproof TVs. The biggest difference between waterproof TVs and ordinary TVs is that they are waterproof and can be installed in wet and watery environments such as bathrooms and public baths. They are quite popular among consumers. So how to install the bathroom TV?
The first step of bathroom TV installation
Determine where to install the TV, and reserve/dug a hole of appropriate size in the wall for embedding the waterproof TV.
Specifications and precautions:
1. This step must be completed before wall treatment (such as tiling),
2. Reserve the embedded hole and keep it parallel to the vertical with the overall space to avoid tilting the TV after installation.
3. The edge of the embedded hole should be straight and free of burrs and gaps. The inner wall must flatten the joint. To ensure that the embedded parts of the rear shell can be easily buckled in.
The second step of bathroom TV installation:
Embed the power cable and the required data cable in the embedded hole.
Specifications and precautions:
1. Install a standard three-way socket at the bottom of the insertion hole when the power cord is blocked.
2. Other data cables can be installed as selected, with a length of 30mm (calculated as the center of the hole extends vertically outward)
3. The end of the data cable needs to be connected to a standard plug, which is connected to the TV port in total.
The third step of bathroom TV installation:

1. Put the embedded parts of the rear shell into the hole first, and after determining the position, mark the wall according to the screw holes on the shell. Then take out the back shell pre
Embed the parts, punch holes in the wall according to the marks just now, and put in expansion rubber plugs. Finally, insert the embedded parts of the back shell and tighten the screws.
2. When placing and fixing the embedded parts of the rear shell, pay attention to the front and back, and refer to the hanging opening on the shell.
The fourth step of bathroom TV installation:
Connect the data cable and power cable, and then push the TV into the embedded part of the rear shell to complete the installation.
Specifications and precautions:
When connecting the data cable and the power cable, pay attention to the corresponding interface. To work normally. When pushing into the TV, arrange the data cable
Smooth, so as not to squeeze and bend.
The above content is about how to install bathroom TV. Do you know how to install bathroom TV now? Hope the above content can help you when you need it.