Why do foreigners like to install a TV in the bathroom?

- 2021-09-29-

In China, every household has a TV, which is basically installed in the living room. A small number of families also choose to install one in the room, but very few of them are installed in the bathroom. why? The reason is simple. One is that we don’t need so many TVs. The second is that our home TVs are not suitable for bathrooms, and their protection levels cannot meet the requirements of bathrooms. Kang Rong’s waterproof bathroom TVs are very popular abroad. So today I will talk about why foreigners like to install TVs in bathrooms.

One, stems from the ultimate pursuit of life
1. The pursuit of perfection in room decoration
In Europe and America, there is a lot of land and privatization, especially villas and farms. They are very careful about the exterior design and interior decoration of the house. The decoration styles we often hear are European and American styles. Of course, you must have heard of Victorian style, French style, English country style, and minimalism. Doctrine style, Nordic style, marine style, industrial style, etc. Regardless of the style, it looks very warm and comfortable, and full of artistic sense. Even if you install a TV in the bathroom, you don’t just buy one, but a professional waterproof TV. The border color of the TV is not the black of our common households, but the border color of the TV is customized according to the overall decoration style. Let the TV and the bathroom perfectly combine together.

Two. Lifestyle
Each country has its own culture, living habits, etc. In European and American families, their bathrooms will have bathtubs. For example, in the United Kingdom, many people spend 1-2 hours in the bath. In the past, they used to take a bath while reading newspapers and books. Now because of the waterproof TV, they can watch real-time news or watch TV directly. , Movies, variety shows, etc.

Three, the advantages of Kangrong Waterproof TV
The TV is installed in the bathroom and must be waterproof, waterproof and steam resistant, high temperature resistance, etc. Kangrong waterproof TV has strong waterproof performance. Its special case and LCD screen main board make the mirror waterproof TV have a strong defense against water vapor, and The embedded installation method can be perfectly integrated with the bathroom. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the TV will be damaged when installed in the bathroom, and there is no need to worry that the TV will be out of place when installed in the bathroom. With its own advantages, Kangrong Waterproof TV has won the favor of customers.