Specific methods for waterproofing outdoor TVs

- 2021-09-29-

As the name suggests, outdoor TV sets are used outdoors, and the outdoor environment is relatively harsh. For example, high temperature in summer, cold waves in winter, and occasional strong winds, heavy rains and heavy snow. If you don't do a good job in these aspects, outdoor TVs will not be able to operate. Therefore, waterproofing of outdoor TVs is a very important issue.
Here is a brief introduction to the specific methods of waterproofing outdoor TVs:

1. Break the leak
If the outdoor TV and the back panel are closely connected, there must be a leaking hole below. The so-called leaking hole is used for water leakage. No matter how closely the front and back of the outdoor LCD screen advertising machine are connected, there is still more or less water in it over the years. If there is no leaking hole in the lower mouth, the water will accumulate more and more over time. If it leaks Hole, the water will flow away, which can play a good waterproof impregnation, it is also good for delaying the operating life of the outdoor LCD screen advertising machine.

2.add backplane to seal glue
When installing outdoor TV sets, do not add back panel or back panel without sealant. Over time, the electronic components will inevitably enter water, and the outdoor LCD screen advertising player will have problems over time. The most feared of electronic components is water. Once water enters the circuit, it will cause the circuit to burn. These problems that can be solved at hand must not be ignored.

3.the appropriate line

When installing an outdoor TV, you must choose the appropriate wire for the plug connection. Generally, follow the principle of large and not small, that is, the total power of the outdoor TV is calculated. Use a slightly larger wire. It is best not to use just or too small. Wires, which can easily cause the wires to burn out, thereby affecting the safe operation of outdoor TV sets.