Functions of Sauna TV

- 2021-09-30-

Sauna TV is also a small-sized LCD TV used in the lounge or massage room of some leisure and entertainment places such as sauna rooms, bathing centers, and spa centers. Its main function is for guests to watch and enjoy TV programs, so that guests can better enjoy the service, and it will not affect other guests' rest.

Sauna TV function

1. Now that LCD technology and LED display technology have become popular, since 2011, the screens of Sanna TVs have generally been replaced with LED displays over 19 inches.

2. On the sauna TV, the business can set the startup to display the corporate LOGO, which can better publicize and enhance the corporate image.

3. The power-on signal source can be locked, or the AV/VGA status can be locked with a password, so that guests will not switch to the AV/VGA status when tuning the channel by themselves.

4. You can lock a certain channel, that is to say, you can display a certain channel when you turn it on, or a corporate video.

5. The maximum volume limit can be set, so that when guests use the TV, they can avoid the sound tone being too loud and affecting the rest of other guests, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

6. You can limit the search channel function and lock the search menu, so that you can ensure that the entire TV channel can be unified and more convenient to manage.