In which industries can the Kiosk be used?

- 2021-09-30-

Today, with the development of touch technology, first the stunning appearance of Apple mobile phones, followed by the development of Android systems, and the development of resistive screen touch technology. Now, in addition to smart phones, there is also the rise of the Touch Inquiry Displays. So, what industries are suitable for Touch Inquiry Displays?
◆ Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiries and service promotion in business locations)
◆ Telecommunications (business query in the business hall, business promotion in the experience hall)
◆ Government agencies (public information release, open government affairs)
◆ Shopping center (shopping guide, merchant and product inquiry, advertising promotion)
◆Fashion product flagship store, specialty store (new product introduction)
◆ Company reception room or meeting room (company introduction, exhibits display)
◆ Exhibition hall and venue design company (event venue layout)
◆ Car 4S shop (car model display)
◆ Furniture and artwork store (product display)
◆ Cinema (movie trailer and clip appreciation)
◆ Real estate sales hall, chain real estate agency window (house type and landscape effect display)
◆ Office building and apartment lobby (advertising)
◆ Catering industry, retail industry

◆Teaching (multimedia classroom)