Professional RV TV makes your travel more enjoyable

- 2021-10-07-

As there are more RV camps in the United States and Europe, and the supporting measures are relatively mature, RVs are very popular in Europe and the United States. From the data point of view, Europe is at a moment of strong momentum for the development of RVs. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, the output of RVs in the United States has exceeded 2.4 million units. So far, the number of RVs in the United States has exceeded 10 million, which means that every 10 Americans. Among them, one person owns a RV. From the market perspective, the US RV market is developing relatively smoothly, and the entire European RV market is showing a growth trend.

As the demand for RVs increases, so does the demand for RV TVs. The RV TV is one of the basic essential appliances. It can not only entertain your leisure time in the car, but also won't let you miss the wonderful movies and important news.
Kang Rong has been engaged in the research and development and production of special TVs for 12 years, mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It is a professional manufacturer of RV TVs. Because different countries have different requirements for RV TVs, our RV TVs will be modified according to the exporting country, which is fully in line with the RV standards of major countries.

Speaking of this, there must be many friends who want to ask: Is it not possible to use ordinary household TVs for RV TVs? Yes, the general home TV is not suitable. The editor will talk to you about the differences and similarities between professional RV TVs and ordinary household TVs. Why use professional RV TVs? The details are as follows:

1.: When the RV TV is started, the voltage will suddenly rise, if the voltage is not wide, the TV will be burned out.

2.: Kang Rong independently designed the case and passed the vibration test. The bumps are unavoidable when the RV is driving. The case is easy to break when using a normal household TV.

3. It can be directly connected to external speakers, and also supports wireless Bluetooth connection; HDMI interface with ARC, CEC, and MHL functions.

4.: Kang Rong's RV TV has a built-in DVD, and its design is flush with the wall mount, which can save space.

5. Like home TVs, professional RV TVs also support Android WiFi connection.

6., The sound is louder and more three-dimensional than traditional speakers, and the sound quality is better. Even during driving, the sound experience is very good.

7. 178°/178° wide viewing angle design makes the picture at every viewing angle very natural.

In summary, the TV installed in the RV should be equipped with a professional RV TV to make traveling more secure and worry-free! Kang Rong is committed to creating the best professional, visual and auditory RV TV to make your journey more enjoyable!