Mirror waterproof TV makes life more interesting

- 2021-10-08-

Mirror waterproof TVs can also be called mirror TVs, waterproof TVs, magic mirror TVs, etc., and there is no difference between them and ordinary household TVs in use.
The display panel of the mirror waterproof TV is designed to combine a customized magic mirror and an LCD screen. The waterproof TV using a mirror also has the function of a mirror. When you turn on the TV, it can connect TV programs, computer data, and Android Wifi. It is presented in a very unique way before your eyes. If you don’t need to watch the TV and turn off the TV, the LCD screen will be completely invisible. You can use it as an exquisite mirror or a beautiful decoration.
Bathroom mirror waterproof TV has strong waterproof performance, so it is very suitable for bathroom. Whether it is wall-mounted or embedded, it can be well integrated with the bathroom. Its special case and LCD mainboard make the mirror waterproof TV have a strong defense against water vapor. It must be a very pleasant thing to watch your favorite TV series, variety shows, or news facts while taking a comfortable bath.

The appearance of mirror TV broke the convention. It has added a brighter color to our lives. Watching TV is no longer limited to the living room and room. Now it can also be watched in the bathroom and kitchen. At present, Kangrong mirror waterproof TV has been increasingly used in homes, hotels, real estate, baths, swimming pools and other scenes.