The difference between outdoor TV and home TV

- 2021-10-08-

The difference between the two is essentially the following:

(1) Waterproof function: Since the outdoor advertising player is placed outdoors, it must be considered waterproof. If the water leaks, it will cause electricity leakage during use, posing safety hazards and threatening the lives of others. Therefore, waterproofing has become the top priority for outdoor machine testing.
(2) UV protection: The display screen is the most fragile place on the outdoor advertising machine. Its fragility is not only reflected in its resistance to attack, but also in aspects such as outdoor exposure. Outdoors, inadequate protection of ultraviolet light will shorten the life of the LCD screen and cause discoloration. The choice of LCD screen and external glass must be carefully selected and tested before being used on the outdoor unit.
(3) Dustproof function: Generally, TV sets are only used in small spaces, such as homes and living rooms. Relatively speaking, the use environment is relatively clean, the temperature and humidity control is reasonable, and the flow of people is not large. Almost all outdoor units are placed in places with heavy traffic and traffic. Every day people come and go, resulting in a lot of dust floating in the air. If there is no good protection, it will cause dust to enter the inside of the machine and adhere to the line, resulting in the machine not being able to be used normally.
(4) The difference in the material of the outer frame of the machine: This is also the biggest difference between the outdoor machine and the TV. Everyone knows that TVs usually use plastic casings as the mainstay, which is only suitable for normal indoor use. If the plastic casing is exposed to wind and sun for a long time, the rate of aging will be very fast. Therefore, when selecting materials for outdoor units, the aging problem must be considered first. Therefore, the outer casing of outdoor units usually adopts galvanized sheet (steel plate) of 1.5mm or more as the main mechanism, with super anti-corrosion powder spray paint, so that it can be used in Survive anywhere outdoors, which greatly increases safety in public places. Therefore, an outdoor machine needs many processes to complete from production to shipment, and then to delivery.
(5) Brightness difference: Since LCD outdoor advertising machines generally appear in open and well-lit venues, the brightness of home TVs and civilian displays is difficult to meet the needs, so highlighting is also a commercial display such as LCD outdoor advertising machines and network advertising machines. A major feature of the equipment is that it is much higher than the brightness of the TV screen. The outdoor unit can realize automatic light sensitivity and automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the brightness of the outdoor light.
    At the same time, we can also customize it to customers according to their needs and their use scenarios for outdoor units. Such as environmental monitoring, smart public transportation, crowd monitoring, scenic spot services, etc.
(6) The difference in service life: Because the positioning of the TV set is different from that of the outdoor advertising machine, the TV cannot be turned on and play continuously for 24 hours, and the advertising machine usually has to work for a long time without interruption, which requires excellent stability and The heat dissipation performance is good. Therefore, the outdoor advertising machine uses industrial-grade high-temperature high-brightness LCD screens. Both the motherboard and power supply use high-security devices. In specific occasions, they can be turned on and played continuously for 18 hours or even 24 hours. . In modern business society, time is used to calculate money, and the stability of commodities directly determines the size of income.