Fitness smart mirror, meet a better you

- 2021-10-09-

The quiet magic mirror is like a mirror, and you can take a photo with the outfit to make you go out beautifully every day. The quiet magic mirror is also like a work of art, ultra-thin, metal frame design, beautiful appearance, sticking to the wall is like a work of art.

The magic mirror at work is like an intelligent robot with unique mirror display, touch control, human body sensing, and physical fitness measurement technology; the brain stores scientific data, allowing you to understand yourself more deeply. The system contains health score, obesity grade, BMI, standard weight, weight control amount, fat control amount, healthy weight range, muscle control amount, body fat rate, fat mass, muscle mass, water amount, basic energy consumption, muscle rate, water rate , Visceral fat index, bone mass, skeletal muscle, protein mass, protein rate, subcutaneous fat rate, body size, body age, etc. It will also record the daily exercise time, exercise heart rate, effective sleep time, deep sleep time, and will tell you the time suitable for exercise, diet recommendations, etc. As a result, you will be more aware of your physical condition, adjust your state in time, and keep it for a certain period of time, and you will become healthier and more beautiful.
The magic mirror at work is also like a personal trainer. Kang Rong’s magic mirror has a scientific fitness system, uses the latest AI intelligent perception technology, and the built-in neural network of the wear-free smart fitness terminal (smart mirror) will collect human movement information. (Speed, direction, angle, and action recognition classification results) are summarized and processed by algorithms, packaged, and output to users in motion. So as to achieve the perfect experience of scientific fitness and efficient fitness. It can also accurately correct errors, real-time motion feedback, automatically recognize training equipment, and give professional coach-like suggestions to make your movements more accurate and professional.

Magic Mirror's fitness system also has a personalized training system. You can directly select the fitness tutorials you need on the fitness smart mirror display, such as aerobic training, boxing exercises, strength training, yoga, Tai Chi, dance, pole ballet, physical testing , HIIT/TABATA, Zumba, functional training, physical fitness, golf, you can exercise while watching the tutorial. The system contains a large number of courses, which can help you comprehensively improve your physical ability.