Solution to TV damp

- 2021-10-11-

The TV is the main tool for entertainment in our daily life. If the TV is exposed to humid air for a long time, it will get damp. It is very rare for TVs in the north to get damp, and TVs in the south are often damp. When the TV gets damp, it will cause a series of problems, so how to solve it when the TV gets damp?

1. If the TV is unstable due to damp, the TV should be turned off at this time, and the power supply of the TV should be cut off, and then use a tool to disassemble the casing of the TV, but be careful Yes, if you don’t know how to dismantle it, don’t do it. People who understand can help you dismantle it, and only dismantle the simple outer shell. You can’t touch it with things that are too sophisticated inside. At this time, you can put the TV in a dry and ventilated place, and let it air dry naturally. After air-drying, you can install the TV shell, and then turn on the TV to watch.

2. Sometimes when the TV is damp, everyone will think that the display of the TV is damp. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. If the TV is damp normally, then the picture tube is basically okay, and it may be the TV. The tube socket is damp, if the tube socket is damp, then the TV tube socket must be replaced, or the tube socket must be air-dried.

3. After the TV is damp, you can disassemble the casing of the TV, use the hair dryer to turn on the maximum hot air, and air-dry the inside of the TV. This will help the drying speed of the TV speed up, but it is blown inside the TV. Do not place the seal of the hair dryer too close to the inside of the TV to prevent the high temperature caused by the hair dryer or the hair dryer from touching the parts in the TV.

4. If the TV is severely damp, please ask professional maintenance personnel to open the casing and replace the high-pressure cap or the place that is easy to catch fire in the TV. The TV image caused by the dampness of the TV appears snowflakes and colors. When there are problems such as abnormalities, you should check with the manufacturer of the TV instead of a small amateur repairman, so as not to repair the TV.

In the rainy season, some TVs with thinner walls are strong, which can easily cause the TVs to get damp, because rainwater tends to soak the thinner walls. Therefore, when you usually put the TV, keep it away from the wall that is prone to moisture, and it is best to put it on the table. In order to prevent the TV from getting damp, you must ensure that the TV is turned on for half an hour, because the moisture in the TV can be removed after the TV is turned on for half an hour, which is good for the drying of the TV.

If the TV gets damp, it will become unstable in use, and it will be very slow when it starts up. The method of dealing with the dampness of the TV is not only cumbersome, but also delays our use. Therefore, in daily life, the TV must be protected from moisture and the TV must be maintained regularly.