What are the current household solar electrical products

- 2021-12-04-

It is divided into photovoltaic and solar thermal.
There are two types of solar panels used in photovoltaic power generation: polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon, with the latter having a higher conversion rate. Photovoltaic systems include solar roof power generation systems, solar glass curtain wall power generation, and large-scale grid-connected/off-grid power generation systems (such as the Yangbajing Project in Tibet). In addition, there are solar street lights, wind-solar complementary street lights, solar signal lights, solar LED screens, solar backpacks and so on.
Solar thermal products refer to solar water heaters, as well as solar heating systems (usually applied in the north). There are several types of collector plates used in solar water heaters. The more common ones are flat panel solar energy and vacuum tube solar energy. The former is used more in the south and the latter is more used in the north.
What are the solar products:
At present, solar products include: solar water heaters, solar lights, solar batteries, solar power generation, solar fan caps, solar electric fans, villa solar power generation systems, solar flashlights, solar chargers, solar cars, solar airplanes, etc.
Solar water heaters are mainly divided into: flat solar water heaters, vacuum tube solar water heaters, and wall-mounted solar water heaters.
Solar lights include: solar street lights, solar garden lights, and solar home lights.
Solar cells mainly include: silicon solar cells, multiple compound thin film solar cells, nanocrystalline solar cells, and organic solar cells.

Solar power generation separated grid power generation system and grid-connected power generation system.