Solar energy creates a green home, the most common solar home appliances inventory

- 2021-12-04-

The topic of environmental protection can be said to be a cliché, without the slightest sense of freshness. How can we achieve the environmental protection that everyone has been paying attention to in our daily lives? The use of clean energy is undoubtedly a method worth recommending to everyone, and solar energy is one of the most common and commonly used clean energy sources. In our home appliance market, there have been many home appliances that use solar energy as energy, and even There are also creative furniture accessories that use solar energy as a drive, and so on. Today we will take a look at the solar home appliances that are often used in our daily home life, and see how it creates a green home life for us.
The most common solar home appliances 1. Solar water heaters Solar water heaters are the most familiar solar home appliances to consumers. It divides the water heater market with gas water heaters and electric water heaters. Solar water heaters have achieved the use of solar thermal energy, and we can enjoy a steady stream of hot water by heating the water. When choosing solar water heaters, it should be noted that the higher the "average daily efficiency", the better, and the lower the "average heat loss fraction", the better. In addition, the vacuum tube is a key component of the solar water heater. The vacuum tube should be selected with high vacuum, uniform coating, and uniform thickness; from the appearance, the distance between the vacuum tube and the backbone center is about 70mm.
The most common solar home appliances 2. Solar lights Solar lights are also solar home appliances that we can often see. The solar lamp is the use of his Yang energy to generate electricity, plus a battery to store the electric energy converted from solar energy, so as to ensure that the solar lamp can light up our lives at any time. Compared with many lamps on the market, solar lights are the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving, so people generally use them as garden lights in courtyards that need to be lit for a long time, and they are also used as decorations in home design. Wall lamp use.
The most common solar home appliances 3. Solar mobile charger Mobile charger is an indispensable thing for everyone who generally uses smart phones. Solar mobile chargers can be said to be environmentally friendly and durable. As long as there is light, they will not run out of electricity like ordinary chargers. The solar mobile charger can convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in the battery, and it has higher requirements for the built-in battery. Generally, the lithium polymer battery is the best. The lithium ion of the polymer battery is colloidal and active. The degree is much smaller than that of liquid lithium-ion batteries, so the safety is also very high, so there is no need to worry about exploding photos.

In addition to the solar home appliances introduced above, there are also solar disinfection cabinets used as kitchen home appliances, as well as solar refrigeration and air-conditioning, etc. These all use solar energy as their driving energy, but unfortunately many products have not been formed. Industrialization is not as popular as the solar home appliances mentioned above.