The working principle of liquid crystal display

- 2022-01-05-

The working principle of the liquid crystal display is: under the action of an electric field, the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal molecules is changed to change the light transmittance of the external light source (modulation), complete the electrical-optical conversion, and then use the three primary colors of R, G, and B. Different excitations, through the red, green, and blue primary color filter film, complete the color reproduction in the time domain and the space domain.

Liquid crystal display has the characteristics of thin body and space saving. Compared with the more bulky CRT display, the liquid crystal display only needs one-third of the space of the former; it saves electricity and does not generate high temperature. It is a low power consumption product. The CRT display can be completely non-hot; it has no radiation, which is good for health, and the liquid crystal display is completely non-radiation; the picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes.