How to sew TV dust cover

- 2022-02-14-

I have a TV in my home, which I haven’t used very much recently, so I thought of making a dust cover for it to protect the TV from dust. The shape of the box is fine.
First we need to cut a top cover size fabric according to the width and length of the TV.
Then prepare a long piece of fabric, and cut four rectangular pieces corresponding to the length and width of the four sides of the top cover.
Line up the fabric pieces on all sides and sew from the wrong side.
Then we will get a square tube shape.
Inset the top cover and sew it for a week, also on the reverse side.

Because the sewn edge on the back is not good-looking, finally we have to turn it over, so that a TV dust cover is completed, of course, you can also add various decorations on the bottom, etc.