How TVs work

- 2022-03-03-

1. What is the working principle of TV?
The working process of the TV system is that the transmitting end converts each minute part of the scene into electrical signals according to the brightness and chromaticity, and then transmits them in sequence. At the receiving end, the brightness and chromaticity of each fine part are displayed according to the corresponding geometric positions to reproduce the entire original image.
2. What is the general installation height of the TV in the living room?
1. The installation height of the TV in the living room is generally between 80-130cm above the ground. Generally speaking, the occupant sits on the sofa, and the eyes can look up to the center of the TV or the center point is slightly downward. It is a more suitable TV installation. high.
2. If the TV is installed too high or too low, it will cause the viewer to look up or down, not only the viewing effect is not good, but it will also cause pressure on the occupant's cervical spine for a long time, affecting the occupant's health.

The height of the TV socket needs to be adjusted according to the size and installation position of the TV, but generally the wall-mounted TV socket is 850-1100mm high from the ground. When installing the socket, it is best to reserve a 5-hole socket and a limited TV interface, so that some equipment lines can pass through the TV above from the pipe reserved on the wall to become a dark line, and the appearance will be better.