How to waterproof TV in bathroom

- 2022-03-12-

The characteristic of bathroom TV is that it is waterproof, so how is it waterproof?
1. The internal circuit board is waterproof
The circuit boards used inside the bathroom TV are specially treated so that the surface is protected from moisture intrusion. Even if a little water droplets fall on the circuit board, it will not affect it. And the surface of all kinds of wires is a varnish layer, and water vapor cannot condense on it, so it has excellent waterproof performance.
2. External waterproof
The casing of the bathroom TV is generally made of stainless steel or metal alloy, which is also treated with varnish. The panel is made of imported AR glass, which has the functions of anti-scratch, anti-oxidation, sunscreen, high temperature resistance, anti-fog, and good transparency.
3. Structural waterproof

A concave groove is used between the casing and the panel of the bathroom TV, which can be effectively integrated with the hardware back shell to form a waterproof layer. Coupled with waterproof silicone strips, and stainless steel screws, constitute the second waterproof layer. It can effectively export water droplets and truly waterproof.