Why Japanese like to watch TV in the bathroom

- 2022-05-18-

I usually do renovations in Japan, and I see many Japanese families install TVs in the bathrooms, which feels very luxurious. However, there are basically no TVs installed in the bathrooms in China. So what is the experience of watching TV in the shower? Let's find out together.
Advantages of installing a TV in the bathroom
In domestic public bathhouses, TVs are basically installed in them, in order to make the otherwise boring bathing time more fun, but they often broadcast content that they are not interested in.
If you have a TV in your bathroom and watch some favorite content such as ball games, concerts, etc., then the time in the bathroom will be spent happily, and you will not feel tired after a long time. Children are also more likely to take a bath.
There are three ways to watch TV in the bathroom: hanging, embedded, and portable.
The TV background wall similar to the living room is hung on the wall (there is no gap on the back after the bathroom is installed), the TV should be ultra-thin and waterproof, and the power cord and TV signal line should be reserved in the wall (the signal line can be omitted for wifi connection). Hanging is also the most popular installation method in Japanese homes at present.
This method is to install the TV in the wall, the TV screen and the wall are flat, unlike the hanging type, there will be an extra piece, and the integrity is good. The disadvantage is that the TV is not easy to take out when it needs to be repaired, and it is necessary to find the same model according to the original size when replacing it.

Refers to small-sized models such as small TVs or tablet computers, which can be brought into the bathroom for viewing directly or after putting in a waterproof cover. The disadvantage is that there is no good place to place it in the bathroom and it is easy to fall, and when the battery is low, it cannot be charged in it.